September has been a tough month for the crypto market, but appears (at the time of writing) to be ending on a high. As are we.

After weeks of hard work fundraising for the development of our DEX, we raised nearly $1M — more than double our target. We couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you to all who invested in us.

We’re now redoubling efforts to bring our DEX to a mainnet launch. We’ve been heads down in code, documentation, and interviews all month, and are happy to announce some key project milestones:

  • To keep us focused on our Plasma DEX, we hired another blockchain engineer to write the documentation for our open-source atomic swap wallet. We’ve been working flat out to finish writing the documentation, and soon you’ll be able to integrate atomic swaps into your own blockchain project, wallet, and more. Keep an eye out for an announcement soon.
  • We’ve finished an early prototype of our social trading area. Preview it and let us know how we can make it better. Bear in mind there will be a few bugs, maybe some typos, and a lot of placeholder “traders” (we’re not cloning people, honest).
  • We’ve been working on sparse merkle trees for saving accounts and transactions in Plasma. We won’t explain sparse merkle trees here (we’ll save that for a blog post), but they’re basically a block hashing structure that efficiently ensures transaction histories are valid.
  • We won lots of press coverage this month. Journalists from The San Diego Tribune, Business Insider, Token Council, BTC Manager, Bitcoin Exchange Guide, Digital Journal, and many others wrote about our successful PR campaign. PR helps drive liquidity to our exchange, so we’re really happy to have generated so much interest.
  • Andrew Gazdecki, our CEO, was interviewed by, a news site “designed to offer detailed analysis and news on the security tokens revolution”. As well as discussing how the DEX creates a safer trading environment, Andrew also emphasized the multi-trillion dollar potential of security tokens.
  • Jimmy Rimmer joins the team from our CEO’s former company. Jimmy is a systems engineer with bags of experience setting up powerful, adaptive servers with high uptime stats. Jimmy is responsible for ensuring our DEX — once live — stays online, all the time.
  • Andrew also published Five Ways Blockchain Could Change The World, the first of a series of Forbes articles describing the blockchain ecosystem and use cases. Establishing Andrew as a thought leader in the crypto space also helps drive liquidity, and engages the wider public in’s values and vision for a better future.

Our core tech team continues to spend 100% of their time working on Plasma, refining our implementation of the design, optimizing for speed and usability, and testing progress every step of the way.

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the second version of the testnet Plasma DEX and let us know what you think by emailing Andrew directly —

Thanks again for your support.

Until next month. Team

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