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Honorable subscribers, today we are proud to introduce you a mind-blowing project based on Blockchain & related technologies and aimed at addressing interests of perceptive men, who have already managed to investigate capability of up-to-date fintech instruments. The project is called Datarius and presents emergence of the first social P2P cryptobank. This article`s goals are to present you initial information about the project and to provide a simple overview of available data concerning Datarius`s history and its prospective.

Datarius takes its origin from the idea of global network that would enable every customer to gain access to the hall range of refinements in the area of financial technologies and easily learn techniques of their practical implementation. Although our contemporaries seem to be well-educated in the context of scientific and technological progress, it is incredibly hard not to mention that major advantages of Blockchain and peer-to-peer computing still remain beyond recognition of the society. Hence, we believe, you must get acquainted with all essential knowledge about fintech revolution as soon as possible in order to benefit yourself.

The program of Datarius was designed and developed by the most talented professionals from the forefront fintech company iCrypto S.A. The group of Blockchain enthusiasts responsible for constant improvement of Datarius`s software system has shown impressive results of cooperation throughout the globe, by providing users with innovative system of access to marketable financial products and those virtues of online-occupation, which were previously unavailable to multiple stakeholders.

The core management team of Datarius have enlisted strong support in legal issues, security management and CRM. By joint effort of the advisory panel and experts` group, members of the executive board have build reliable partnership program with leading investment, development and retail companies. In terms of technical aspects, Datarius is currently negotiating with world authorities experienced in users authentication, storage and protection of data. Thus, the core-team implements its intention to guarantee stabilized development of the first cryptobank and proves that whenever the project faces intricacies the latter will be treated and eliminated instantly.

Paying attention to vitally important advantages of the bank`s program, it should be noticed that Datarius is getting ready not just to provide users with commonly-known Blockchain pros, but to demonstrate the effectiveness of decentralized financial management. As it is settled in the white paper of the cryptobank, the developers of Datarius stress the necessity to avoid any extra technical support or intervention from outside, so that users would not be burdened either with unwelcome consulting or, more importantly, with irrelevant commission, caused by additional involvement of human resources in the procedure of transfers, payments and remittances.

Moving directly to the easiest way of individual’s self-provision, you should concentrate attention on remarkable ITO program of the bank. The purpose of Datarius`s Initial Token Offering is to empower investors with unique ability to implement trade, investment or capital sharing within online-system of the project completely resolving the problem of risk level and manipulation. Being universal (cross-sectoral) means of payment, DTRC tokens are expected to become overwhelming power in cryptocurrency market, for their usage won`t be limited with exchange and transactions`s payment, as it’s the case with already existing altcoins – it will cover all aspects of Datarius`s multifunctional system, including these related to realization of finances.

At this very moment Datarius is being considered as a program breaking down social fabric with its attitude to financial management. There`s much more to be told about this initiative, so you’d better start exploring right now. In the forthcoming publications you will learn more about the integrated Blockchain technology, stock markets etc. and how all of it does relate to the first-cryptobank’s project.

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