For some reason, friendship and advises, they don’t go along very well. The only proposal which is accepted unanimously by a group of friends all across the world is to get hammered on a Saturday night. Other than this, it is incredibly difficult to get them started with anything new that you happen to learn about — maybe about a fitness routine or a travel destination— or digital currencies. Everything faces resistance.

If you are Bitcoin hodler, you want everyone you know to own BTC because the beauty of bitcoins has touched you and you want them to experience it as well. But because of the aforementioned unfounded resistance, your attempts to being them on board will not be fruitful. The problem is not the passion and over-excitement with which you talk about Bitcoins. Well, maybe it is that too but primarily, it is because they haven’t experienced Bitcoins first hand, it is because they don’t OWN any Bitcoins.

It can get frustrating to see the ones close to you not being proactive enough to start adopting things that can do good. But what good a friend is, if they can’t push someone in a direction which can be beneficial to them? Therefore, here is a step-by-step plan using which you can give a forced jump start to your friends into the world of Bitcoins:

Step 1: Before anything, help them learn

Share with them easy to understand content related to Bitcoin which can help them know what it actually is and how it is going to change the world for good. There are many interesting channels on Youtube and a number of blogs and podcasts which can be a great introduction to Bitcoins. Throw in a couple of couple of quotes from recognizable figures from time to time. Flood the whatsapp group with crypto news but restrain from sharing hour long technical analysis videos.

Step 2: Share your stats

Everybody is always curious about other’s bank balances. Give them a understanding about the amount in fiat you had started with, the price/ BTC which you first started with and the kind of returns you’ve had so far during those unanimously agreed upon bar visits. There is no reason to be humble here, because Bitcoins aren’t either. Even with all the news going around about the amazing increase in prices of Bitcoins, unless they see a person they know has benefited from Bitcoins it will be difficult for them to wrap their minds around it. Do not hesitate to boast a little.

Now that they get it to an extent and are prepared for it, it is time for them to dive in and own some moolah. To do this you can skip the next two steps and directly send them some Bitcoins ($10 maybe?) but things given out for free are usually not valued. So rather, a Borrow-Wait-Send protocol is proposed. Although the process is slightly rigorous, it is for their own good.

Step 3–1: Borrow Fiat from them

Borrowing money from friends can be challenging in itself and may require a separate blog of its own but for now, I hope you’d be able to borrow a few bucks from your friend. Let this not be a huge amount but also not low enough for them to not care. And ofcourse, promise to pay them back in a few days.

Step 3-2: Wait..

Now that you owe them money, make them wait beyond the time you promised to pay them back in. This is something which should not be very tough. But if they forget that you owe them money and do remind them about it.

Step 3-3: Now, send them BTC

This is where the core step of our plan comes in. When you think the time is right, maybe after a week of the promised time, it is now time to launch them into the space and send them Bitcoins! They’ve got to own it to know it. Again, as mentioned above, you can send them Bitcoins without going through the above strenuous steps and just send them some freaking Bitcoins! Select five friends, get their email ids and just shoot some Bitcoin towards each one of them.

You might wonder how can you send Bitcoins to someone who is new to Bitcoins and doesn’t even own a wallet. It may come as a surprise but you can do so! By sending them BTC via e-mail. All you need is their email id and some Bitcoins in your wallet. It is super easy to do so and the steps are given here. Once you follow the steps, you can now surprise them about the Bitcoins you’ve sent them and welcome them to the world of Bitcoins! Here is a screenshot of how the page would look like:

Although the own the bitcoin (cause they own the private keys), to redeem them and store them, as you know, they would now need two things: a bitcoin wallet and the know-how of redemption (no pun intended). The process to do both are explained well in this video we’ve made which you can then share with them.

Once they’ve entered the world of Bitcoins, they’ll experience the rush and slowly realize the potential of this things that they’ve come across. At times they may panic too and anxiety may ensue too. But you have to keep things calm and stay beside them till things become composed and they feel at home. Then slowly let them be on their own and enjoy the abundant shower of the coming days!

To The Moon!

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