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Buying BCK tokens is quick and easy! Here’s a step by step guide:

1.Create an account: Choose a username and password, and input your email. You’ll get an activation email, then you can login in. Easy!

Let’s log in!

2. You need to verify your identity and residency, to make sure your account is safe and so we are following the law. Take pictures or scans of your passport, driver’s license, or other state-issued ID. Make sure they are clearly visible, with lots of light. You will also need a selfie with that document. Finally, you’ll need some kind of proof of residence, be it a utility bill or lease agreement. NOTE: You can’t buy BCK if you are from India, China, or the US.

My totally real passport. Note that this picture would not be acceptable, much too dark and unreadable.

3. Next, you have to insert your ETH public key. The BCK is on the Ether blockchain, so you’ll need an ETH wallet. Go to settings and insert the public key in the spot.

Paste your public key here

4. Now its time to buy the tokens! You can buy between 100 and 9000000 BCK! Just set the amount and then send BTC or ETH to the respective address. Note: It can take up to 48 hours for BCK to be sent.

Let’s buy some BCK!

5. Now, how do you view the BCK in your ETH wallet? Easy! Copy the token contract address, the symbol, and the decimals on the Transactions page, and paste them into the respective areas on your wallet when clicking on Add Custom Token!

Take the info from here…
…and paste it here!

Congrats! You’ve now purchased BCK tokens! Thank you for participating in our ICO and for helping us improve our new products and services!

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