5. Synchronize your wallet with Blockonomics

It’s time to connect your wallet, which stores all of your Bitcoin, to your WHMCS site.

You can either use your own wallet, or you can create a free one at Blockchain.info (which is what we will do in our examples below).

We’ll need to get the Extended Public Address, also known as the xPub. The key will act as your unique identifier that ensures your Bitcoin transactions land in your wallet. From there, you’ll be able to move your Bitcoins to another, more private, wallet, or convert them to real currency (or fiat currency).

After logging into your Blockchain.info account, click on Settings on the left sidebar (we’re seeing a common theme here, aren’t we?). Then click Addresses.

On the right side, click Manage. Then link will reveal a More Options button — after clicking it, lastly click Show xPub.

Your xPub key should be kept secret. Copy it to your clipboard.

Head back to the Blockonomics Wallet Watcher. Click the Add button, and when the text box appears, paste your xPub address into it. Afterwards, click Add once again.

Rock on! Your xPub key is now tied to your Blockonomics account.

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