All signs point to the fact that the current blood bath seen in the crypto market is most likely the result of a coordinated, multi-pronged global attack. This is what you as an individual can do about it.

Full Control and Enslavement

The recent SEC announcements relating to cryptos, the ruling that opened the door to the CFTC to regulate cryptos as commodities, the dumping of a large portion of the Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash held by the Mt. Gox trustee (with more dumping to come), the Visa ‘glitch’ that led to overcharged users at Coinbase, the Visa and Mastercard decision to make it more difficult and expensive for customers to buy cryptos, the takeover of Poloniex by a Goldman Sachs backed company, the IRS crackdown on crypto transactions (including the Coinbase capitulation), the Binance bot trouble  and more have all one thing in common: To take control of the crypto market and use it as a weapon to further enslave you.

To use it for the exact opposite of what cryptos aim for, namely the enabling of peer-to-peer trustless (bankless) transactions within peer-to-peer economies driven by decentralized blockchains. Something that aims to free the world from the shackles of centralized banking and governments, especially the corrupt, warmongering ones. Something that can help us to regain the right to issue our own money and not be forced at gun point to use debt instruments designed to enslave and destroy us.

They wish to keep you dumbed-down and enslaved, while selling you the lie that they serve and protect you. Their extensive track record over many years for most part shows that they only exist to protect and serve members of a select group – the primary enablers of wars, pain, poverty and chaos. Those who like it when we murder and maim each other to their benefit and delight. Those self-appointed rulers who only offer hope in the form of selections instead of free and fair elections.

All Hope is not Lost – Embrace the Crypto Revolution

Good news is that all hope is not lost. You have the power to make a positive difference. Educate yourself when it comes to cryptos, help spread the truth about cryptos and use the tools available to help ensure a better world for humanity.

Powerful Tools Available

You might not be aware of it, but you have a couple of powerful tools at your disposal, including decentralized exchanges, privacy tokens, the Internet and word of mouth.

Decentralized Exchanges: Decentralized, Anonymous + Safer

When buying and selling crypto tokens, there are currently in essence three options available to you:

1. Off-exchange or Over-the-Counter (OTC) – Low liquidity. Negative impact on prices.

2. Centralized Exchanges – High liquidity. Customer service. Advanced features. However, because these exchanges are centralized – the door is left wide open to theft and government intervention. These exchanges offer little to no privacy or anonymity. This while they are extremely exposed to hacks and server downtime. Centralized exchanges control the private keys that give access to your cryptos – they control your funds.

In short: Centralized exchanges are the exact opposite of what is aimed with cryptos.

3. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) – Lower liquidity. Limited to no customer support. Limited features. Bigger learning curve. However, very little room is left for theft and government intervention. You control the private keys to your funds, remain anonymous and a DEX is more resistant to hacks and downtime since there is no server to hack – multiple nodes are deployed across the cloud. Great news is that the deployment of atomic swaps will make DEXes even more sufficient than what is currently the case.

In short: DEXes allow you to control your funds and remain anonymous – two major benefits to using DEXes that are in step with the original aim of cryptos. Be sure to get more information here.

Privacy Tokens

Privacy tokens, anonymous cryptos or anonymous cryptocurrencies offer complete anonymity and/or privacy when it comes to transactions. There is no need to get creative here in order to understand the power of anonymity. Be sure to get more information here.

The Internet

A lot of information and free speech on the Internet are getting censored, especially at certain platforms. Yet, the Internet – the enabler of cryptos and many other good things – remains an excellent means to educate ourselves and others when it comes to cryptos and the true state of affairs in the world. It is also a powerful means that can be used to help shape public opinion in an honest and good way. You should make full use of it while it is not yet controlled by a single entity.

Word of Mouth

This is another powerful tool you can use to positively influence the world around you. It can also be used to help shape public opinion in a positive manner. 

Cryptos will in the end be either a blessing or a curse. The choice is yours. Positive change starts with you.

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