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BCX is a fork of Bitcoin known for its technological strength and anonymity.  BCX gained the attention of the public for its comprehensive features with Smart Contract after the announcement of BCX on December 6, 2017.

Smart Contract is an essential upgrade to Bitcoin, BCX has promoted transaction speed up to at least 170 TPS, 2400% faster than original Bitcoin.

By supporting Smart Contract, BCX is capable of helping decentralize other traditional industries. For instance, payment, clearing and settlement, supply chain, evidence storage, copyright, IoT, gaming and more.

BCX recently tweet about their latest project update about supporting smart contract ahead of schedule in Q2, 2018. This indicates their technological strength and their opinion toward Smart Contract.

Also, BCX is a community-friendly project for all third-party platform and network. Even normal people know nothing about coding can release Smart Contract on BCX chain.

With support and imagination of the public, the potential of bcx is unlimited. Almost any scenario Like the CryptoKitties or enterprise-grade application can be achieved on BCX chain. The comprehensive features of BCX provided a solid foundation.

As an anonymous project, BCX doesn’t belong to any nation, so the public won’t have preconceived ideas about the project, this is an advantage for BCX to expand globally.

Only less than a month left before BCX supports Smart Contract, BCX will become mainstream with more and more Applications.

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