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Initial coin offerings bring in millions of extra dollars and create an active community. The ICO is the fundraising model that keeps capitalists looking on enviously. 2018 began in the same vein, with the public piling into ICOs with gusto. January’s results look highly impressive, with millions of dollars raised in record time. With new ICOs being created everyday it can be a challenge to identify which project to invest in. This is where comes in, providing reviews regarding various projects.

Fundraising model of an ICO

Projects launch an ICO by distributing crypto tokens on the blockchain, giving early investors the opportunity to acquire tokens. ICOs are usually limited by time or a cap on the amount of funds raised. The value of tokens released can be static or calculated based on the amount of funds raised.

Risks with Investing

Investing in an ICO is not risk free as not all companies are honest. It can be as simple as looking the part by having an impressive website and vague whitepaper. This has lead many individuals to invest in projects that do not have a well thought out plan leading to deceit and fraud.

The Solution

As mentioned above, a certain amount of risk is involved when choosing an ICO to invest in. has the purpose of guiding you through the ICO market, offering non-biased reviews and ratings of projects. These reviews are based on what believes to be the core of a successful project rating factors, such as:

  • real teams
  • detailed whitepaper
  • quality of website and other marketing strategies
  • transparency
  • admins who understand and explain the project
  • backing from the crypto community


One ICO that has recently been reviewed is Lydian. The creators realized blockchain would be a much slower process as it is limiting on the issue of speed. So, they looked into building the blockless directed acyclic graph (DAG), which solves the problem of speed without compromising the transparency and accountability of the blockchain framework. Users of the Lydian tokens will now have access to a new protocol called The Whisper Network. This has been a game changer, as it not only solves the problems of the industry but of many other sectors.

ICOtoInvest also regularly provide descriptions and ratings on other upcoming ICOs such as and Although individuals are urged to form a decision prior to their own due diligence, can provide reviews and ratings for them to make things a bit easier, summing up any new ICOs to get an overall understanding of the idea behind each project.  

Our purpose aim to continue to provide high quality reviews in 2018 and we invite projects that believe they qualify for this to contact us on [email protected] or alternatively fill out the form on

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